Elite Anglr Stacked Carpet Decal

Elite Anglr

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Decal Details

This 10" x 8" high-quality carpet decal features the Elite Anglr crest and text logo stacked on in our traditional black and red design contour cut on a white background.

Features and Benefits

  • Premium coating

  • Made from high-quality 3M material

  • Full brilliant color

  • Contour Cut

  • Hydroflex armor coating

    Application instructions

    Before Application. Ensure that carpet is clean and dry.

    Your carpet graphic will not stick well if your carpet is not completely dry and free of debris. To test the dryness of your carpet, lay a household paper towel on the carpet. Press firmly. If any water is present, wait 24 hours and test again until the paper towel does not show signs of water.

    It is important that all dirt and debris are removed before application. Try using clear packing tape and applying it to the desired area. If any loose dirt or sand on the tape when pulled up, vacuum the area thoroughly. Repeat this process until no dirt or debris is seen on the tape.


    Applying Your Decal
    Remember that every time the decal is pulled up, it will lose its adhesive strength. Always measure two so that you only need to apply once. Measure your placement for your decal. Use a small amount of tape to hold your measurement in place. Removing one of the pieces of tape, use the other as a hinge to remove the backing and lay your graphic back in place without the paper backing. Now press firmly on the decal with your hands and feet. Finally, press firmly over every edge to seal the edges in place. Make sure the edges are firmly sealed to prevent tearing and water from getting under the decal.


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