Where Did All the Tackle Go? by Justin Bamberger

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With everything going on in the world today being able to get out and go fishing is one of the most beneficial activities you can participate in. It seems everyone has caught on to this because every store you go to the shelves are empty. The online sites are backlogged. Soft plastics, hard plastics, hooks, line, and weights are all hard to get. For some of us that have been hoarding tackle for years it’s not really an issue. For those that are taking up the hobby for the first time it could be upsetting. If you are new to fishing or a seasoned vet that is running low on supplies, here are a few suggestions to help you fill the tackle void: 

    • 1. AVOID the major retailers. Shop local small businesses. The small tackle shop in your area will have a better chance of keeping tackle in stock than your normal big-name retailers. The small business owner lives and breathes tackle, and always ensures they have good stock. The big retailers have multiple products other than tackle they worry about. Also, the distributors are not the same as the small business. They will be back logged far longer.

    • 2. Find someone who makes tackle. This might seem odd to some but there are many highly skilled tackle makers in your area. Your local tackle stores will more often than not carry these products. These individuals can be found on social media as well. Be careful and make sure to vet them before sending money as scams have become more prevalent.  Here are few sources that are beyond amazing at what they do. Got Worms? If you are in the market for soft plastics than Greg Minor of
      Got Worms? is your guy.  He mixessome of the best colors out there. He has custom designs as well that are hidden gems in the Ozarks. An absolute stand up gentleman and post some of the funniest content on my social media feed. Don’t hesitate to give him a like and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Torrent Lure Co. You running low on Jigs, Spinnerbaits, Shaky heads, Torrent rigs (Tokyo rigs), drop shot weights, nail weights, or bladed jigs? Well Derrek Plummer has you covered.
      Torrent Lure Co. is a mom and pop business that custom makes each lure by hand. You get to pick the all aspects of the lure and they will make it for you by hand from start to finish.

  • 3. Online. This is a no brainer but apply the first two tips to this and it will make it much easier to get that tackle quickly. Most of the big online stores are awaiting resupply. It will be this way for a bit as well because of the origin of their shipments. So, shop around a bit and find a smaller online company or venture out of the norm and use a retailer that many might not think about. Try the manufactures website as well. I have had some great luck as I of late purchasing baits straight from the manufacture.



Elite Anglr has recently had a major change to the brand. Elite Anglr started out as Lifestyle brand using pre-cut shirts and hats (blanks) to print the logo and design. This is nothing out of the ordinary as the majority of companies do this in the fishing industry. It’s usually a safe bet for companies to stay this route.

Elite Anglr has gone to the next level and transitioned into a fully custom cut-and-sew brand. What this means is that they design all aspects of the products now. They choose the material, the fit, and the look of the apparel on top of the designs that are printed on them. This is a huge step forward and sets them apart from the other companies.

To top off this milestone, they have released a secret project they have been working on for a very long time.

The Apex Rain Suit.  

Up for Pre-Order now and for an amazing price. I’ve owned many rain suits throughout my time fishing. I currently own one of the most expensive rain suits on the market now.  I can’t wait to swap it out for this one. All of the suits I have owned have been great but always miss a key feature that I wish it had. So, the next year I purchase a rain suit with that feature, and low and behold it is missing a feature that I liked in the previous suit. The cycle repeats year after year. Until now. The Apex Rain suit has it all.

The material is flexible and easy to move around in.  This would seem like a no brainer, but when it comes to rain suits, the ones that are comfortable usually don’t have the best rain protection. The thick, bulky, uncomfortable suit usually keep you the driest but are hard to move around and fish in. This is not the case with the Apex rain suit. It keeps you bone dry as the bigger, bulkier suits.

The sleeve cuffs have the neoprene cuff on the inside. This is a must have feature to keep the water from running down your sleeves as you make cast in the rain. A ventilated hood with a face height collar. Another must have feature in a rain suit. The ventilated hood keeps you cool but also helps keep your glasses from fogging up when your running down the lake in your boat. The face height collar is a one of my favorite features. I fish a lot of tournaments. I also practice a lot before those tournaments. I drive hundreds of miles in my boat. The face height collar is a blessing.

The bibs are just as impressive. Knee high leg zippers are always the first thing I look at in bibs. Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to get those bibs off or on and if you do not have knew high leg zippers than you are going to be struggling. The Apex rain suit has them. Next you want to check for reinforced knees. The Apex suit has Abrasion resistance knees. Velcro ankle straps? Apex suit has them. Adjustable waist cinch? Apex suit has it. Shoulder adjustment? Apex has it and more. The shoulders straps are huge and Hi-Vis. The make it easy to take them on and off. Large shoulders straps also bring more comfort.

My favorite feature in the bibs is one that no other company has. A heavy spandex lower back which is made purposely to help stress reduction on the back. For those that don’t know I am a retired Marine with four combat tours. Anyone that has served knows your back is usually the first thing to go. Having this feature is something that you never knew you needed but now will always miss if you don’t have it.

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