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It has been a little while since I last wrote. This last month has been hectic. I think I came down with the coronavirus, luckily it didn’t want to stick around. We are in the process of buying a home and anyone who has bought a home understands the time involved in that. Last weekend was the start of the Ozark division BFL. I went down to table rock with my fishing buddies. We had a room on the lake, our boats in slips, and ready to get the season started. The first day of practice I drove around for a but scouting out spots. Things seemed good. The day before the tournament my buddy Roy and I set out early to fish the first spot I found. We leave the boat slip, idle out past the buoys, and get on plane heading for our first spot. About 10 minutes into our drive Roy starts hitting my arm in a panic. I look over at him and he is pointing at the floor. I look down and water is shooting through the floor vents. I left off the throttle and head towards the closest bank. After the boat stops the bilge pump starts to deal with the water. After about 45 minutes the boat is water free. We get organized and decide to head back to the hotel. About 5 minutes on plane the boat fills back up with water. So, we stop and let the bilge pump drain the water again. We repeat this step until we get back to the hotel. For anyone who owns a boat you know that when on plane water is supposed to leave the boat not fill it up. I call the tournament director and let him know the situation. Needless to say, I had to pull out of the first tournament of the year. Donating $200 to the pot. I probably would have lost anyways but would have like to give it a shot at least. So, I took the boat to the dealer and now I’m awaiting results of the issue. From what they can tell now the boat will be out of commission for months. Not the answer your looking for at the beginning of the fishing season. So now that the things are settling down, I thought I would write a quick article.  

The classics is on its way and B.A.S.S. is doing a great job on promoting it this year. They are very active on social media and doing a good job of keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on. The Night of Champions looked great. Dave Mercer looked hilarious in his outfit, but classy at the same time. I hope to one day to be able to experience an event like that. Our own Donny Wilson and Big Al created Elite Anglr at The Night of Champions, so it holds a special place in the Elite Anglr family. IF you happen to be at the Classic Expo try and find Donny and check out the limited run of Elite Anglr decals he designed. They are amazing. Once the Classic is over, I will write up a recap on the event. I’m excited to see how the event unfolds. It’s also good to see Ott DeFoe be there to hand off the trophy. Since he is last year’s winner but unable to compete this year since he was fishing on MLF, it will be a special moment to see.

If you haven’t seen the results of some of the recent BFL’s you are missing out. Some monster bags have been weighed in. 40+ lb bags to be exact. Seeing the live weigh ins was insane. I would be happy to weigh in one of those fish during a weigh in. I might have to take a trip down to Texas once my boat gets out of the shop.

Speaking of big bags. The latest MLF tournaments had some big fished caught as well. The first tournament was interesting as well. Bryan Thrifts first time out and he was crushing them. It was almost said and done until Jacob Wheeler decided he wanted in on the action. The score tracker never stopped going off once he got a on a school of fish. Knocking Bryan Thrift out of the top spot. I was rooting for Bryan, but it was fun to see the action. MLF is doing a good job this season. Adding a 2lb limit was a good call on the events and knowing that they will have a limit on the size of the fish on future events will bring a new angle to how the tournaments play out. I for one and excited to see it.

Well I think I will wrap this one up. I’m hoping to get on the water as soon as possible and get this itch scratched. I have a few things I am working on to highlight some of our Elite Anglrathletes and the accomplishments they have been making. So,until next time, tight lines and calm winds

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